Our everyday work is presented here, we do what we love,
Case studies, video presentations and photo-shootings below.


Bar branding with a giraffe

Auronde Bunk Bed

Auronde Bunk Bed by Auping

Auping Colors

Oh the red, white and blue...

Sustainable Auping

Design for a green future

Vintage Hairstyling

A trip down the Twenties

Voortman Steel Group

Machinery housing design

The Ocean Cleanup

Like a fish in clean water

Philips Design Probes

Multi-sensorial Gastronomy

Madame de Pompadour

Flyers & prints


Branding, website and illustration of "Het Hormoongeheim"

Lely Industries

Technical drawings for Vector

HOMA Solutions

Plastic housing design

Energie Kubaard

Website design & development

FP International

Machinery stand design & development

Philips Research

Persuasive ambient picture frame

Birthday card

For the sweetest baby

Philips DAP Drachten

Philips Shavers & Machine park

ASM Europe

Development of gas cabinet modularity


Production lines for bread

Midnight On the Bayou

Music night flyer design

Thule Towing Systems

Development of a towing system